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1-color Envelopes


Need just a few envelopes or a large quantity? Our printing experts make sure that every job is done right by providing 1-color black and white printing on-site in our print shop.  Though these envelopes are printed in one-color black and less expensive than their full-color counterparts, the appearance and quality are refined.

Whether you need #9 return envelopes, business reply envelopes, or #10 regular or window envelopes, we have you covered.  Need imprinted envelopes for personal notes?  One-color envelopes also come in A2, A6, A7, 6x9, and 9x12 booklet or catalog envelopes.

  • Budget-friendly black print on white envelopes projects your business legitimacy without breaking the bank.
  • Classic Stationary Envelopes without the expensive price.  We can print on the front, or back flap, and give your notes a personal touch.
  • Select a quantity that works with your mail correspondences. You can’t go wrong with one-color envelopes for large mail campaigns or company newsletters.  Invoices, statements, and other accounting correspondence.  Leave the color to your letterhead envelopes.  Black and white are the workhorses that will boost your bottom line with savings.

Fast turnaround! 
Our envelopes can be printed in 3-4 days and delivered or shipped to you.  If you need a rush, just let us know!  We’ll be happy to help you with that.

Upload a PDF file or use the available templates. 
Submit your artwork if it is print-ready after selecting “Upload Now” at the bottom of the calculator. If you have yet to create a design, you can download a layout template. Head to the “Templates” tab to download the template for your selected envelope.

3 Advantages of Custom Envelope Printing
Did you know that an envelope is more likely to be opened if it includes a logo?

Custom envelope printing can enhance your efforts and reinforce your brand image. Back up your marketing efforts by using professional, attractive envelopes.

You may not have given your envelopes much thought before. You stuff them with a letter or a brochure, attach a stamp, and drop them in the mail, without giving them a second thought. Once that envelope leaves your hands though, it takes on a life of its own. It is your only item that will be visible in your potential customer's mailbox. It is the determining factor between whether its contents are read or pitched.

That places a lot of responsibility on your envelope and proves it is an important part of your stationery package.

  1. Design an envelope with a unique size to make it stand out.
    To create an envelope that fulfills its marketing potential, it needs to be better than the average. For a unique appeal, bump your envelope size up to 6 x 9. The larger size not only makes your envelope stand out from #10 envelopes but also gives you more room to add a slogan or call to action to your design. It also mails at the same rate as #10 envelopes, so you can make a bigger impact for the same postage cost.
  2. The #10 business envelope is the most common size used for letter mailings.
    If the standard #10 envelope is best for you, you can still make it stand out from the rest by including graphics or an offer or intriguing statement. You aren’t limited to the front of the envelope though. Add something to the back or flap if you’d like.
  3. Use premium paper.
    This may seem like a small thing, but printing business envelopes on premium paper gives a professional impression, which means your envelope and contents won’t be confused with “junk mail.” Our envelopes are printed on quality envelopes, not the stock you buy at the big box stores.

How do I know which envelope to choose?

Excellent question! I’m glad you asked!

#10 regular (no window) or window envelopes are standard envelopes.  They measure 4.125”x9.5”.  An 8.5”x11” paper tri-folded fits inside nicely.  These are typically used for sending correspondence, invoices, statements, or even brochures.  They are a cost-effective tool for your business.  They can be printed on the front or back flap.

A2 envelopes measure 4.375”x5.75” and are typically used for Thank You Cards or Personalized Note Cards.  These can be printed on the front or back flap.

A6 envelopes measure 4.75”x6.5” and are good for larger cards.  You want your cards to have .25” clearance on either side for ease of inserting. These can be printed on the front or back flap.

A7 envelopes are used for 5”x7” cards.  These are great for greeting cards, holiday cards, or larger personal note cards.  These can be printed on the front or back flap.

6x9 envelopes come in two versions, booklet and catalog.  Booklet envelopes open on the 9” side and can be printed on the front or back.  Catalog envelopes open on the 6” side.  These can be printed on the front or back flap.
These envelopes, though larger, mail at the same rate as a #10 and are useful if you want your piece to “stick out”.

9x12 envelopes also come in two versions, booklet and catalog.  These envelopes are great for sending 9x12 folders, and papers that are too bulky to go in a #10 envelope.  The booklet envelopes open on the 12” side and are recommended if you have a large quantity to insert into the envelope.  The wider opening also makes presentation folders easier to insert.  The catalog envelope opens on the 9” side.  These envelopes can be printed on the front or back flap.

What if I need a larger quantity than offered on your website?

Contact our office and one of our expert team members will be happy to assist you!  No order is too large!

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